SERDA organized education for solution providers

SERDA organized on 27th February 2024 training on public procurement of innovations for B&H small and medium-sized enterprises and business beginners.

The education is part of the activities within the P5 Innobroker project - which aims to bring together contracting authorities and innovative companies and encourage them to public procurement of innovations.

Innovations are key to achieving sustainable growth and jobs Instead of buying 'off-the-shelf' solutions available on the market, the Contracting Authority acts as a pioneer in launching new innovative solutions on the market.

The lecturers informed Bosnian entrepreneurs that innovations and innovative solutions can also be procured through public procurement. Innovation procurement refers to the procurement process which may include the purchase of the innovation process (pre-commercial procurement) or the purchase of the innovation output (innovation procurement). When purchasing an innovation process, the customer orders the research and development of new innovative solutions before they are available (commercially) on the market, according to his needs. These are products, services and processes that do not yet exist and need to be developed anew. While purchasing the results of an innovation refers to products or services that already exist, are ready for the market and are already available on a small, non-commercial scale.

This event gathered in the same room innovative start-ups and SMEs of different fields (waste, engineering, environment, energy), all of them focused on sustainable development and decarbonization.

Small and medium-sized enterprises were shown examples of good practice from the EU and were introduced to the basic aspects of public procurement of innovations and, through a practical example of presentation, the preparation of the public procurement procedure.

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