P5 Innobroker, presented at a workshop on innovation in urban transport in Seville (Spain)

The P5 Innobroker project has been presented by CTA’s president, Beltrán Pérez, at a conference on innovation in urban transport. CTA, leader of the P5 Innobroker project, organised a technical workshop on November 21 in collaboration with TUSSAM, the public transport company of the city of Seville (Andalusia, Spain).

TUSSAM is a local public buyer and it decided to organise this workshop with CTA because is willing to collaborate with startups, SMEs, other companies and research groups. Nearly 40 representatives of different innovative companies attended to this workshop on the innovation-chain of urban transport. TUSSAM described the innovation challenges that it has identified for the coming years in terms of more sustainable and efficient transportation, digitalization of user services or intelligent fleet management, among others. For their part, Nommon Solutions and Technologies, the University of Seville, Hispacold, Afkartelecom and Endesa X explained their success stories of collaboration with TUSSAM in innovative projects.

The president of CTA, Beltrán Pérez, highlighted that “public transport is a key piece in the mobility of the future and, to adapt to the demands of sustainability, connectivity, automation, connection with intelligent infrastructures and predictive maintenance, "a lot of R&D&i will be necessary." Furthermore, the president of CTA highlighted the Public Procurement of Innovation (CPI) as one of the most effective options for a public company like TUSSAM to launch innovation challenges to the market and highlighted that CTA leads the European P5 Innobroker project, considered strategic by the European Commission and funded by the EU COSME program to promote the ICC in Southern European countries.

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