Innovation procurement case in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cantonal public institution for protected areas working on innovation procurement

The Sarajevo regional development agency SERDA, a partner in the P5 Innobroker project, held several meetings with public buyers representatives in Canton Sarajevo with aim to identify their needs for innovation. The objective of these meetings is to support public buyers for the procurement of innovations through public procurement procedures.

The cantonal public institution for protected areas of Sarajevo Canton recognized the potential and expressed interest in cooperation, and a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in November 2023. This public buyer, as a cantonal institution for five protected areas in Sarajevo Canton, expressed the need for innovations in decarbonization processes and reducing the impact on the environment. In the previous period, partners held several working meetings, needs were identified in order to start an open market dialogue with innovative companies and start-ups.

The P5 Innobroker project aims to bring together public buyers and innovative companies to encourage public procurement of innovations and instead of buying 'ready-made' solutions available on the market, the public buyer acts as a pioneer in launching new innovative solutions on the market.

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