P5 Innobroker will be in the Andalusian Forum for Public Procurement of Innovation

The Andalusian Forum for PPI (Public Procurement of Innovation) is a commitment to promote the implementation of the Public Procurement of Innovation in Andalusia, opening spaces for co-construction and exchange of experiences between Andalusian entities and other regions and countries of the world, both from the public and private sectors.

The Director of Business Development of CTA (P5 Innobroker leader), David Páez, and the Technical Manager and expert in PPI, Carlos García, will participate in this event. Carlos García will present the P5 Innobroker project, which aims to promote Public Procurement of Innovation (CPI) in the southern European countries.

This is the first Forum of these characteristics to be held in Andalusia on an international basis and brings together the most relevant agents in this field. The aim is to give visibility to the Andalusian PPI projects and to the people who are making possible the implementation of the PPI in the region, positioning the Andalusian Administration at a global level and collecting all those trends and good practices that help to position the region in the vanguard positions in relation to this tool for promoting innovation.

Key P5 Innobroker Speakers

Carlos García, CTA

 When and Where?

Seville (Andalusia, Spain), 31st of may-1st of June


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