Open Market Consultation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency - SERDA organized on Tuesday 07/05 a session of open market consultations as part of the P5 INNOBROKER project.

The goal of market consultations is to open a dialogue that addresses needs and encourages the development of innovations.

Innovations as a process of improving products, services or works represent one of the key elements of economic development and competitiveness of a country's economy.

Open market consultations brought together representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises to whom the concept of public procurement of innovations was presented. Partnership for innovation is a competitive procedure for the procurement of goods, works or services, which is carried out in several consecutive stages.

The Cantonal Public Institution for Protected Natural Areas, with the technical support of SERDA, in the previous period tried to gather information about innovative solutions in order to satisfy their need for adequate monitoring protected areas in Sarajevo Canton with the aim of preserving the environment, sustainable development and reducing the impact on the nature.

Innovative solutions were presented by the companies nLogic, Remote Ltd and QSS.

The conclusion of the session of open market consultations is that there is no single ready solution on the market that would meet the specific needs of this public buyer body and that joining of different services and products is necessary.


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