P5 innovation presented to the renewable energy sources community in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On Friday 9th December 2022, P5Innobroker’ partner Sarajevo economic regional development agency SERDA present project to the innovative SMEs and individuals, working in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Presentation was organised within Open Business Forum on 8th Economic fair in Sarajevo.

The event was designed as an interactive panel discussion with main topic – the future of the energy sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina – mitigation and solutions for current energy crisis and investments in renewable energy sources.

Sarajevo economic regional development agency SERDA was given the opportunity to present P5Innobroker’s activities for both public buyers (PP) and innovative SMEs and for the public buyers.

Public authorities had the opportunity to express their demands and suggest the use of innovative solutions when they are not able to define or foresee their needs.

Canton Sarajevo is struggling with air quality especially in winter season (big percentage of pollution come from residential buildings and one of recognized measures to reduce pollution is to invest in energy efficiency measures to reduce energy consumption. It was shown how “innovation public procurement” can be useful tool for promoting innovations and as well good financial tool. At the event it was announced further promoting activities for business community.

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