SERDA organized education for public buyers on public procurement of innovation

Within the P5 Innobroker project, on 01/02/2024 SERDA organized education for public buyers on public procurement of innovations.

The main goal of this eduaction to present that innovation is key to achieving sustainable growth. New products and services increase the competitiveness of companies and create new jobs.

Public procurement expert, Edvin Šarić pointed out that by purchasing innovative solutions, public buyers enable more efficient delivery of public services, lower energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and numerous other advantages resulting from solutions tailored to the public buyers needs. At the same time, innovation procurement offers opportunities to innovative small and medium-sized enterprises that are skilled and flexible enough to meet the specific needs of public suppliers.

Through education, the capacities of the public buyers in Bosnia and Herzegovina are strengthened and they are encouraged to procure innovative solutions through public procurement procedures. Also, through education, the public buyers are introduced with the processes of decarbonization, which can be an opportunity to procurement of innovations. Examples of good practice implemented in the EU were transferred.

In the coming period, education will be organized for small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to encouraged them to get involved in public procurement of innovations.

The goal of the Innobroker project is to bring together public buyers and innovative companies in order to promote public procurement of innovations. Instead of buying 'off-the-shelf' solutions available on the market, the public buyer acts as a pioneer in launching new innovative solutions on the market.


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